Akasha Academy starts training for health counsellors

At the foot of the green hills of the Shivapuri National Park the biggest project of the Long Yang e.V. and the Akasha Academy Nepal has started. After a planning phase of over a year, the ground-breaking ceremony at the beginning of December marked the start of construction of a training centre for health counsellors. From May 2020, up to 30 young women from the Gokarneshwor region will be able to complete a one-year practical training as “Basic Health Counsellors” at the Akasha Academy in Suntakhan.

Together with the partner organisation Akasha Academy NGO and with financial support from the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), the international project combines expertise from Nepal and Germany to improve the training situation of Nepalese women and the health care of the local rural population.

Improving the job skills situation for women in Nepal

For most young women in Nepal the educational path ends with leaving school. Closeness to the family is important and usually has a higher priority than further education and the development of career prospects. The aim of the training programme is to create a sustainable career perspective for young women in which work and family are compatible. The women are supported in using the training to create the basis for their own income and at the same time actively engage themselves for the common good in the region.

model project for the promotion of basic health in rural regions

As trained “Basic Health Counsellors”, the graduates will be able to advise their own and neighbouring communities on issues of basic health, hygiene, nutrition and women’s health. Through activities such as health camps, workshops at schools and individual counselling of families on basic health issues, diseases can be avoided and an awareness for a health-promoting and more sustainable lifestyle can be created.
The training programme will be introduced in Suntakhan as a model for other communities to follow. Thus, the project can contribute beyond the borders of Gokarneshwor to improving basic health in rural regions of Nepal.

What is the next step?

Currently, the curriculum for the training is being drawn up in parallel to the construction work, suitable teachers are being sought in Nepal and further financial means are being acquired. If you are interested, you are welcome to take part in all these activities yourself, we look forward to hearing from you. HERE>/a>>/strong>. The Long Yang e.V. has to contribute 25% of its own funds in addition to the BMZ funding in order to realise the project. Thank you very much for your donation and for forwarding this link to other supporters.