AKASHA HANDMADE – Empowering Women in Nepal

Handmade, Fair Trade Products from Nepal

Akasha Handmade is the label for handmade and fair trade products of the Long Yang e.V. With the label a social business is created around a group of Nepalese women who have been trained in sewing and tailoring with the support of the association and the local Akasha Academy NGO in sewing and tailoring. Now the women want to build a professional future with their own production.

Handmade products in a simple design with Nepal flair The first collection consisted of yoga bags and gym bags. The second collection with more products and hand woven Dhaka elements is in planning. Each product of Akasha Handmade is lovingly handmade and unique. Preferably natural materials are used, mainly cotton and traditional brocade fabrics.

Fair Trade Fashion & Empowerment Akasha Handmade stands for fair wages and working conditions. The seamstresses run the social business independently and are given the opportunity to build a professional future on their own responsibility.

Purchase products and support project

The products can be purchased directly at Akasha Academy Munich or via our Long Yang Charity Shop www.Handmadeinnepal.de. We also welcome news from retailers who would like to include these and other products in their product line in the long term.

With the purchase of Akasha Handmade products you support this and other sustainable projects of Long Yang e.V. in Nepal. If you want to do even more: Tell others about us, follow us on facebook & Instagram, come to an event or get in touch with us if you want to get actively involved.