Support needed: Protective Equipment for medical staff in Nepal

Nepal has been in lockdown for three weeks to contain the spread of Covid-19.

One major challenge in dealing with the new virus is the shortage of protective gear. A country like Nepal, with the conditions of a badly equipped and partly corrupted healthcare system, this shortage hits especially hard. There is a lack of simple protection masks for the population as well as the so important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical staff.

It is mainly the smaller health posts in rural areas which are working without any protective equipment. Because of the fear to become infected, patients with mild symptoms are rejected and sent away from hospitals. However, hospitals must focus on the treatment of seriously ill people. According to the doctors in Kathmandu, only rain capes and self-made protective glasses are available in hospitals to protect medical staff from the virus at least to some level.

Support for health posts and young medical students

For this reason, Long Yang e.V., in cooperation with the partner organisation Akasha Academy NGO, equipped the Health Post in Suntakhan with the much needed PPE last week.

Currently also for other Nepalese Health Posts and hospitals, external financial support is the only possibility to get the necessary protective gear for the rising pandemic. Therefore, we are expanding our support initiative for protective clothing for Nepalese medical staff, and hence we are counting on your help!

Together with our befriended organisation Nepal Medical Students’ Society (NMSS), we want to support the work of Health Posts and hospitals further to overcome the covid-19 virus. These motivated young medical students have started their own initiative to organize protective equipment and to distribute them to well-known doctors in multiple hospitals and Health Posts in and around Kathmandu. Currently the initiative lacks the necessary financial means to buy and distribute sufficient materials.

How to support?

We are looking forward to your short-term financial support for this initiative in order to help quickly on the spot by providing protective gear for Nepalese Health Posts and hospitals. Please share this article with family, colleagues and friends who could help and make a donation here. If you belong to an NGO, an association or a company that can provide protective clothing in Asia, please contact us as well.

Help us to support Nepal in dealing with the Corona Pandemic!