#hopefornepal campaign - Covid-19 Aid for Nepal

More #HopeforNepal: We made it and thank you!

Successful donation campaign with doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation enables us to provide 450 families in need with food packages

Until the very last second, we were excited about the outcome of the extraordinary 28 days-challenge in cooperation with doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. The wave of support was really a big surprise for us! From September 2 to 28, 2020 – we invited you to participate in an exciting matching campaign. All donations collected by Long Yang e.V. during this period were supposed to be doubled by doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation up to a maximum of 7.500 Dollar – so that #HopeforNepal could have twice the impact. We are happy to announce, that we’ve made it! With a total amount of more than 18.000 US Dollar we even achieved more than we had expected. We are now able to provide up to 450 families with food and to add other nutritious foods within the care packages. In addition to that, families will also receive a little „Corona proctection kit“ including masks and soaps as well as a flyer with information about Covid-19 and how to apply hygiene rules in order to create a higher awareness for protection.

“Danyabad” to all donors

We would like to say thank you and “Danyabad” to all of you who have made this incredible result possible with your donations – both small and large.
3 months ago we had started to provide Nepalese families in need with food packages. Due to your support we were already able to organize five food distributions in the communities of Boudhanath, Patan, Suntakhan, Bhaktapur and Changunarayan to help families get through these difficult times. Now it is possible for us to continue and expand our activities in these communities.

Our special thanks go to our partner and supporter doTERRA with its Healing Hands Foundation (dHHF). doTERRA International is an integrative health and wellness company based in the US and known for its high-quality aromatherapy and essential oils. With its foundation, doTERRA (= Gift of the earth) takes care of humanitarian issues worldwide and is especially engaged in the areas of global health, education and environmental protection.

Poverty is increasing – Preparations for food distributions are going full speed

Our partner organization Akasha Academy NGO in Nepal currently do all they can to set up the next food distribution for poor families in time for Darshain. Darshain is celebrated end of October and is the most important spiritual festivity of Nepali people and comparable to Christmas for Westerners. During this time of the year, public life is more or less suspended and stores are closed for almost 14 days. Long Yang e.V. has therefore decided to increase its efforts in order to provide the population with food packages by then.

Darshain without family AND without food – hardly bearable for Nepalese

Every year approximately 2 millions Nepalese are visiting their families in the countryside to celebrate this traditional festival together. This year, things are different: Due to Corona many Nepalese have lost their jobs and cannot afford any lavish food which are typical for Darshain. Due to strict Corona restrictions, most of the Nepalese have to stay at home. So at least for some of them, the food packages will be a glimpse of hope.

Kumar and his Family say thank you (Watch video on YouTube)

Kumar’s family is one of those families. He is happy about the support and expresses his gratitude in this little message he has sent to us. Some of our NGO members have known this open-minded man for many years. He takes care of his blind wife and two little children. Due to an early childhood disease, Kumar is physically handicapped and tries to make a living from polishing shoes. After several lock-downs and a lack of tourists he has lost even this little income. With the #HopeforNepal package, his family will at least not have to struggle within the upcoming weeks.

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