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Making room with a compassion – clothing donation for a good cause

On 12 February, “Losar” is the Tibetan New Year. The beginning of a new year is traditionally a good time to get a fresh start and leave old ballast behind – both figuratively and literally.

We clean out our closets and donate everything we can no longer use. In recent years, we from the Long Yang e.V. have always used the Munich yard sales for this purpose. Since we don’t yet know whether that will be possible this year, we have come up with a new option – where you too can join in directly from home:

„Platz schaffen mit Herz“ (Make room with heart) is the name of the campaign in which used clothing and shoes can be sent very easily and free of charge in a cardboard box. The pieces get a new life while leading to a charitable donation. For this purpose, a voting code will be sent by email, which can be used to vote for our project.

If the Long Yang e.V. is among the top 100 organizations at the end of the evaluation period in early August, we will receive 500€ for our education project in Nepal.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sort out closet: Gather at least 5kg of women’s, men’s, children’s clothes and shoes in good condition…
  2. …then pack it in a big box and send it for free: Create a parcel label at “Platz schaffen mit Herz” and don’t forget to confirm your email address. Simply drop off the clothing donation at the nearest Hermes parcel store – completely free of charge!
  3. With the provided voting code you can easily vote for our project here: https://voting.platzschaffenmitherz.de/voting-organization/2020-3-voting/long-yang-ev/
Platz schaffen mit Herz - LY

Join in now: Make room with compassion.

The clothing donation in a parcel that does good. Clothes in good condition are reused where they are most needed. In this way, together we prevent it from ending up in the trash.

Clean out, do good, save resources.

The Long Yang e.V. says thank you!

If you already have a lot of space – and a big heart – you are very welcome to donate directly for our projects.