Collaboration between Akasha Academy NGO and Sustainable Mountain Architecture

The year 2021 starts with exciting news! We at Long Yang e.V. support our Nepalese partner organisation Akasha Academy NGO in the cooperation with the internationally working, non-profit organisation Sustainable Mountain Architecture.
Following the vision of Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche Akasha Academy was founded as a training institute for holistic healing in Suntakhan, north-east of Kathmandu. In recent years, Long Yang e.V. and the Akasha Academy NGO have finalised the purchase of the land and have already constructed the first buildings. Now the time has come for the next steps.

The internationally based teams of all three NGOs will work together in the coming months to stabilise and plan the property. SMA are based in Kathmandu and specialise in particular in building constructions in mountainous regions and sustainable design adapted to local conditions. In the past 8 years, SMA has implemented over 20 different projects in Nepal.
Before the actual terrain planning starts, the characteristics of the ground are first examined extensively. The first and most important step on the agenda is to stabilise the terrain.

Next step: Stabilisation of the terrain before the monsoon

Suntakhan is located on the edge of the Shivapuri National Park, amidst a hilly landscape typical of the region. The Akasha Academy is also being built on a hillside area of about 13,000 square metres, mainly vegetated by young trees. Due to heavy rainfall during the monsoon, clearing and constant changes in the landscape, the region is prone to landslides. SMA’s team has great expertise in exactly this area and we look forward to developing a sustainable strategy for the long-term stabilisation of the terrain and planning of the infrastructure.

During the next months of the cooperation, the following will be implemented in detail:

  • Survey of the land (geology, water resources and biodiversity).
  • Stabilising the land to protect from erosion before the next monsoon.
  • Developing an overall strategy that will enable us to shape the site in line with the values of Akasha Academy

In addition, the teams will work continuously to identify the opportunities and challenges of the site through land surveying and mapping to develop, piece by piece, an overall strategy for implementing the vision on the grounds.