New youth program: “Hands and Hearts for Community” in Suntakhan

One of the main goals of Akasha Academy is to offer holistic education based on universal ethics. A first step towards implementation is being taken in cooperation with the Nepalese Akasha Academy NGO within the framework of the „Basic Health Counsellor“ Training, which focuses on issues of basic health and sustainable development. Due to the pandemic, the start of the training had to be postponed so far. As a interim solution, schoolgirls from Suntakhan were able to attend a „Covid-19 Health Advisor“ training course instead, which Long Yang e.V. spontaneously developed together with partners in Nepal.

In addition to this programme, the Akasha Academy NGO, as a member of the MHMPA (Menstrual Health and Hygiene Alliance) in cooperation with the GIZ Nepal organised a workshop on menstrual hygiene, which was even broadcast online. The students exchanged their experiences with the actress and MHM Goodwill Ambassador Keki Adhikari.

Workshops on healthy living, women’s rights and environmental protection.

Once again it became clear how important a continuous interaction is for the girls and young women in the region. This is why Akasha Academy NGO is now setting up a youth program called “Akasha Trainees” under the motto “Hands and Hearts for Community”. As with the “Covid-19 Health Advisor” programme, those trained are given the opportunity to act as multipliers, passing on their knowledge to their families, fellow students and other people from the region, and thus also passing it on to less educated members of the community. The girls will learn among other things about healthy living, women’s rights, how to protect the environment. In addition, they also learn how they can initiate positive change themselves. It is not only sharing their acquired knowledge thats vital, but also their newfound way of looking at things – by setting a positive example for others. The program aims at advancing the participants’ self-security and self-responsibility and inspire them to act for the benefit of others.

The “Akasha Trainees” workshops will initially take place once a month in order to build up a circle of motivated young people who are willing to take responsibility and actively work for change in society.