Joint appeal for donations for emergency aid in Nepal

Many of you have seen the terrible scenes happening in Nepal. The second wave of the pandemic is hitting the people particularly hard right now. The situation is much more dramatic than last year – and the infection numbers continue to rise every day.

With the current lockdown, which has been in effect since April 29, existential fear and hunger have been added to the medical emergency. Nearly all districts are under a strict curfew – as in the first wave of the pandemic, many peopel cannot work and therefore have no income. Farmers cannot take their vegetables to the market and have to let them rot in the fields. People do not have the medical care, food, or clean water they need to survive this pandemic.

Distribution of food packages
Distribution of food packages during the 1st Covid wave 2020

One thing is certain for us as organizations, which have been working in Nepal for decades: we will help as best and as fast as we can. Because we can achieve more together, four associations (Nepali Samaj e.V., Haus der Hoffnung – Hilfe für Nepal e.V., BREPAL e.V. and Long Yang e.V.) have joined forces and decided to start a joint relief action for Nepal. Through our trusted networks and partner organizations, some of which have been with us for many years, we plan to support local people through food distribution, with food packages, in the procurement and distribution of medical supplies (masks, oxygen, etc. ), and in the medical treatment of those in need. To achieve this as soon as possible, we need your help and ask for your donation for the people in Nepal.

We want to support these four organizations with our collected donations:

The donations collected will directly benefit the people of Nepal. We will update you regularly about our relief action on our website. Go to the Long Yang donation page.