Teachings for Times of War: Symptom of imbalance – Way to balance

Dharma Teachings with Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche

Profound view of cause and effect, an analysis of facts. A practical and universal non-religious approach based on compassion and wisdom.

These instructions are offered to help those searching for insight into the symptom of war, to cope with their fear and worry, and perhaps wishing to help others.

The teachings are based on the practical experiences of the long-standing Buddhist practitioner of the original Dharma related to (the teachings of) Manjushri – the Yamantaka Yogi TK Rinpoche. The teachings are open to participants without previous knowledge and from all backgrounds. The are donation based and will be held in English.

Donations raised trough the event will go to MitOst e.V., an organisation that coordinates support for people in Ukraine as well as Ukrainian refugees of war: www.mitost.org/ukraine/

On site, the event will be hosted according to the 2G rules. Online participation is possible for those, who do not live in Munich or the surrounding area. Please mention this in the registration form. Registration closes on Sunday 2 PM.

Sunday, March 20th, 8:30 -10 PM

Akasha Academy, Stöberlstraße 68
80686 München
or online via Zoom

Suggested Donation: 30+Euro

Phone: 0179 2938952

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