Akasha Training – The Eye of the Storm: 21./22. October 2022

Body and Mind Instructions with Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche


About “The Eye of the Storm”

This workshop focuses on stability in current times of turmoil, when known parameters are no longer tangible. Grounding oneself in the face of overwhelming situations, staying focused even when familiar structures are overthrown: Letting silence occur and finding clarity, guidance in the flood of information.
During the workshop TK Rinpoche gives an introduction into the view of Universal Ethics – recalling a common sense in a world of diversity and its practical application – the Akasha Training to connect body, mind, and breath. At two evenings Rinpoche shows basic Akasha exercises that support physical strength, resilience and balance. No prior knowledge is needed. The Workshop will be held in English language.

About Akasha Training

Akasha Training is taught by Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche both as a preparation to an authentic Buddhist path of practice, and for general regenerative purpose. The training includes exercises to connect body and mind, based on ancient Tantric Buddhism (Vajrayana) and traditional Daoist and Chinese medicine practices. Holistic methods of western medicine are also essential parts. Akasha Training is therefore helpful for medical purposes as well as for the regeneration of body and mind and also shows whether there is a capacity for learning the original Buddhist path of practice.

Part I: Friday, October 21., 2022, 20:00 – 22:00 (8-10 pm)
Part II: Saturday, October 22., 2022, 19:00 – 22:00 (7-10 pm)

Akasha Academy, Stöberlstrasse 68
80686 München/Laim

Participation Fee: 115 EUR


Phone: 089 12416086

In order to ensure a safe event for everyone, we organize the workshop based on current infection control regulations as well as regulations referring to distance, ventilation and masks. The number of places is therefore limited.

Registration is binding, after payment is received on the following account:
Akasha  Academy  /  IBAN:  DE43  4306  0967  8227  1858  00
Subject “Eye of the Storm Workshop”

30% of the amount will be retained. Cancellations are only possible before the start of the workshop, subsequent cancellations or refunds will not be accepted.

Participating in our workshops is at your own risk. No liability is assumed for any injury, especially on persons, property or financial damage. The workshop is not a therapy nor medical treatment and cannot replace this. Any relevant chronic or acute illnesses (particularly spine-related) should be reported in advance.