Training initiative on health counseling

We will offer a one-year practical Basic Health Counsellor training – which is being realized in close cooperation with our Nepalese partner organization Akasha Academy NGO on their premises in Suntakhan – for up to 30 young women in the region. This project is mostly funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Starting in May 2020, a one-year practical training in basic health, hygiene and health counseling will be offered on the premises of Akasha Academy, which is so far unique in Nepal.* The program is specifically aimed at women from the region, who usually have little chance of further education due to the socio-cultural traditions in Nepal. The training provides them with practical knowledge and skills in the health sector and, above all, the perspective of an alternative path. Upon successful completion of the training, they will be able to earn their own income as basic health counselors and at the same time actively contribute to improving the health situation in the region.

Background and initial situation

* Hereyou can find an update to the program.