Preserving Ancient Wisdom

Buddhist pujas and rituals

The Long Yang e.V. has been organizing Buddhist rituals for many years, in order to give people in the West the opportunity to experience their power directly and vividly. Spiritual rituals, also called pujas, are still part of everyday life in many Asian cultures. They are being celebrated on joyful occasions, but also in case of death or illness. They have a beneficial effect on body and mind and give an insight into spiritual practice.

Collection and preservation of Buddhist literature

One of the most important activities of the Long Yang e.V. is the extensive search, collection, restoration, translation and publication of text and image material from the spiritual and medical, Buddhist and Daoist traditions. Rare original texts have been preserved to conduct rituals and to keep them alive for the next generations. In addition to texts for practice and rituals, images of spiritual significance (e.g. so-called thangkas and tsaklis) are also being documented and reproduced.

Under the motto “Preserving Ancient Wisdom” the collected literature will be preserved, cultivated and passed on to future generations in the Akasha Academy in Nepal and other places.

Buddhist Texts

Preservation of the wisdom heritage

For many years, the Long Yang e.V. has been supporting spiritual masters, practitioners and communities by providing means for the practice of the ancient Buddhist wisdom traditions with the aim to preserve and pass on ancient knowledge to future generations. Emphasis is placed on the support of family traditions, which often bear the responsibility for small temples and little monasteries but receive little financial aid. In the future, Akasha Academy will offer a space for spiritual practice and holistic healing.

Cultural Exchange

Everyone who has ever travelled to Nepal knows the many festivals and holidays that are being celebrated extensively and with great enthusiasm across all social classes in Nepal. Cultural and charity events convey the Asian culture and joy of life.

We bring this attitude towards life to the west and organize festivals with cultural and artistic contributions, charity events, panel discussions and lectures on cultural and social aspects of Nepal.

Cultural Exchange