Exercises during the workshop

Akasha Training

Akasha Training is the physical practice of Universal Ethics and its underlying principle of interdependence, which is that all of existence is interconnected. Therefore, the training has positive effects on the regeneration of one’s own physical elements as well as on the environment and is especially suitable for people who wish to bring about a positive change to the outside world.   

As an expression of Universal Ethics, the training was developed by Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche for reconnecting body and mind. Serving a double purpose, the training is beneficial for many health-related issues and has a positive impact on the general physical condition – at the same time it can be a preparation to the original Buddhist path of practice. The training includes exercises to connect body and mind, based on ancient Tantric Buddhism (Vajrayana) and traditional Daoist and Chinese medicine practices. Holistic methods of western medicine are also essential parts of the training.  

Akasha Training System

Basic Akasha Training is taught in different workshops with specific focus areas. Every workshop TK Rinpoche gives an introduction into Universal Ethics – the view as foundation of the training and its practical application. Through breathing, meditation and physical exercises, Rinpoche shows participants the natural connection of body, mind and breath.

Akasha Training workshops are currently taught at the Akasha Academy Munich and are open to everyone without any prior training experience. In future, workshops will also be offered at the Akasha Academy Headquarters and prospectively at further branches worldwide.   

Akasha Workshops

Spinal Power

Alignment and strengthening of the spine and shoulder girdle. These exercises release the blocked power in the spine and shoulder girdle. Connecting oneself with the basic strength of the body. 

Vital Energy

Building up vital energy in the centre and bringing it into movement. These exercises regenerate the lower lumbar and pelvic floor area. 

The Art of Breath

Introduction to the regenerative and spiritual dimension of the original breath. This workshop includes practical breathing exercises and meditation. 

The Art of Balance

Introduction into Universal Ethics – Generating balance between opposing, colliding elements, factors, or interests – beyond religion. Emphasizing fundamental basics of existence to aid to the survival of humanity 

The Eye of the Storm

Stability in current times of turmoil, grounding oneself in the face of overwhelming situations, staying focused even when familiar structures are overthrown: Letting silence occur and finding clarity, guidance in the flood of information.