Covid-19 emergency aid for Nepal

Joint appeal for donations to help onsite

Many of you have seen the horrific scenes of the current Covid-19 crisis in Nepal. The second wave of the pandemic is hitting the people particularly hard right now. The situation is much more dramatic than last year – and the infection numbers continue to rise every day.

Four German organizations, which have been working in Nepal for decades, have joined forces to help in response to the dramatic situation. More about the cooperation
We help where it is immediately needed. Non-bureaucratic and direct.

The situation in Nepal is very critical

Since the end of April, large parts of the country have been in a strict lockdown. People can only buy basic supplies in the morning hours. However, the loss of income over the past 10 months has made this increasingly difficult. Many people are suffering from hunger because they have no income any more.
Hospitals and health stations lack medical equipment, oxygen and vaccines, among other things. But the supply of goods is made even more difficult by the mostly complete suspensin of air traffic. The dramatic situation in neighboring India also has consequences: Vaccines are no longer exported due to India’s own high demand and are therefore not available for the vaccination campaign in Nepal.

How we support the people in Nepal

With your help, we support through food distribution, with food parcels, in the procurement and distribution of medical supplies (masks, oxygen, etc. ) and in the medical treatment of those in need.

Every donation counts: The more that we can raise, the more we can make a difference.

Whereas in Germany, 30€ might be enough to buy dinner in a restaurant, in Nepal it can feed an entire family for a month or enable a doctor to finance a complete set of Covid protective equipment.

The pandemic is a global challenge – solidarity is needed with all those who depend on help in these times.

With 50€
we can buy a food package and masks

With 100€
we can support 3 families with food for one month

With 200€
we can finance 3 protective equipments and 3 food packages

Thank you for your support!

Help that reaches where it should.

The Long Yang e.V. only forwards donations to Nepalese partners in whose project implementation we are personally involved. In addition to our long-term coopearation partner Akasha Academy NGO (Kathmandu and Suntakhan), we have selected four other organizations which are working in other parts of the country.

The partners of Long Yang e.V. in Nepal buy food directly, pack it and distribute it. This way, we ensure the basic nutrition e.g. with rice and lentils.
Last year, thanks to your help, we were able to assemble food packages worth 15,000€; 450 families did not suffer hunger for a month.

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