Akasha Education – Freedom of Choice Fund

Many young people in Nepal, especially the ones living in rural areas and coming from underprivileged families, often do not have the opportunity to choose their own future. Particularly young woman who are expected to get married at an early age or who live in abusive families need support to get access to profound education. With your support, the Akasha Education Fund creates opportunities for young Nepalis to make their own choices.

The goal of our newly established education fund is to give young people a chance to get quality education.

Our approach of support: Educate, enable, empower

Akasha Academy and Long Yang e.V. have been active in Nepal for many years. With our various education projects, we support especially young woman to develop responsibility and leadership qualities, based on universal ethics.
In our Akasha Traineeship we are meeting many talented young ladies, eager to learn – including some who find themselves in difficult situations, e.g. with violent fathers and no chance to make their own decisions in life. Our experience has shown that the dysfunctional environment of the family is one of the main reasons for the girls’ problems to attend school at all or to continue their education.
With financial support, we can help to provide a safe environment for them and offer space to grow and continue their studies.

Creating space to learn and grow

For this reason, we are setting up a new education fund that will provide support in various areas to create the conditions for a sound education. At the moment, the priority of the fund will be helping girls from abusive families to provide short term accommodation and cover the living costs to pursue their studies in a safe environment. If needed, we will also support them with costs for therapy and treatment to deal with psychological and physical consequences.

In the long run, we will build a student house, so that all students of our programs will be able to live independently and focus on developing according to their own choices. The fund is furthermore meant to support students in need with scholarships and covering school fees for children from disadvantaged families.

Your donation makes a difference

By contributing to our education fund, you don’t only help these young people to become independent and pursue their career but also empower them to bring about a positive change in their environment. Encouraging young talented people to grow and develop according to their potential key to making a lasting impact in their lives and communities.
Big change always starts from small actions. Education just for one can make a big impact and your donation can help to change a whole community.
After your donation, you will learn more about the students you are supporting.

Pupils Suntakhan
Akasha Traineeship students plant a tree

WHO: Young Nepalese students

WHAT: Support the education of the students in different ways such as helping with school, study and examination fees and assumption of accommodation and food costs.

After your donation you will learn more about the students that you are supporting!

Thank you for your trust in us

Long Yang e.V. was initiated in 1997 by Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche with the aim to preserve and revive the universal wisdom principles of original Buddhism. Through fundamental teachings on universal ethics, TK Rinpoche make these principles accessible to people from different cultures, religions and social environment to find a common ground and work together to safe our planet for future generations.

One of the main projects of Long Yang e.V. is supporting the establishment of the Akasha Academy, a training institute for holistic education and healing arts with headquarters in Nepal. Additionally, for over 15 years the partner organizations Akasha Academy NGO and Long Yang e.V. have been conducting projects in Nepal in the fields of education, health promotion, female empowerment and environmental protection.