Mountains in the Himalaya

You share our vision of the Akasha Academy and are interested in Nepal?

“Beyond the conditions of one’s individual horizon, people are able to make an impact in this world beyond their own time and life.” TK Rinpoche If you are inspired by Long Yang e.V.´s activities – there are many possibilities to join and participate.

Taking part as a volunteer in Germany and Nepal

Support our NGO activities in Nepal, Germany or worldwide – in particular the realization of Akasha Academy – by contributing your unique skills and qualities. The following are especially helpful:

  • Language skills: deploy language skills in English, Chinese as well as Nepali, Sanskrit and Tibetan
  • Therapy and Medicine: share medical expert knowledge and skills in basic health, hygiene, health counselling/education as well as in related topics like nutrition (e.g. as a therapist, natural health professional, TCM specialist or nurse)
  • Ecological Gardening and Agriculture/Permaculture: support establishing an example for sustainable living
  • experience with surveys/surveys, e.g. economic geographers, sociologists, political scientists
  • Architecture and Construction: bring in knowledge of sustainable methods, natural materials and ancient architecture to foster our projects in Nepal
  • Communication, Public Relations, Eventmanagement, Fundraising and Marketing: help increase the visibility of Long Yang e.V.
  • plan and organize charity events or collect necessary financial funds for our projects as journalist, networker or (social) media and fundraising expert
  • Business: assist in creating a Social Business from scratch, based on one of the ongoing projects/ fields of activities in Nepal and Germany in order to co-finance our projects
  • Legal: advise in matters of law governing associations/non-profit organizations and company law as a lawyer
  • Photographers, filmmakers, journalists and media specialists who accompany and document our projects on a long-term basis

Get in touch

You found yourself in this list and feel the urge to support our projects? You are welcome to get in touch.