Universal Ethics

One Planet. One Voice.

Universal Ethics provide a guideline to employ common ground in a world of diversity. As humans, we are different, but we are all part of this one planet – regardless of skin color, nationality, religion or social status. Every being and all of existence is interlinked – all of our actions have an effect on others – and vice versa. In the face of multiple global crises, recalling this interdependence as the undeniable “common ground”, naturally connecting everyone, might aid to the survival of our planet.

“We all live on one Planet, we share the same elements and resources.

We all need the same conditions to survive.”

TK Rinpoche

Our Common Ground

We are different, but we all share the same resources – We all need clean water and air to survive. Recognizing the fact that we all depend on each other and acting upon that as “Common Ground” – we might have a chance to coexist and save our precious planet.

Practical Application of Universal Ethics

Akasha Academy is dedicated to put Universal Ethics into action. In Munich and Kathmandu, Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche teaches the View and Physical Training connected to Universal Ethics in Akasha Training Workshops. In Nepal, young women are empowered with the Akasha Traineeship, a unique vocational training program. Currenctly the Akasha Education Team is developing an educational framework for pre-school and school children, based on Universal Ethics.